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Sunday at 9:30 AM

WEEKLY LESSONS RECORDED AND AVAILABLE ONLINE...We study books of the Bible in the Old and New Testaments, with an emphasis on understanding God's Word in context. Art, music, plays and other tools are used to bring each lesson to life and provide a practical understanding of the message.

Group Details

Adults’ Sunday School Class for 50+

The class consists of singles and couples who strive to study, serve and grow together in knowledge and understanding of the Holy Word. All are welcome to attend.

Approximate Class Size: 100

Meets at 9:30 a.m. in Hayes Hall

Lessons recorded and posted online here each Saturday. 


Beginning July 5 - The Letters of Paul

The letters written by Paul in the New Testament addressed the conditions facing the early church, primarily the fear of persecution and the anticipation of the return of Jesus Christ. Paul's letters were written to specific communities and to specific people as a means of preserving his voice once he left town, or of instructing a community and individuals from a distance. Paul's desire was to create unity among the early Christians and to instruct the faithful on difficult points of doctrine. During this series, we'll explore the foundations of our Christian faith and use those time-tested tools to influence our culture today.

Category: Adults, Senior Adults
Community: Traditional, Harvest, Chapel

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