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Life Matters

Sunday at 11:00 AM

A class for those of all ages and stages looking to take a deeper journey into God's Word. Together we take a page by page study directly from the Bible each week to gain a better understanding of the text and how we should consider it in the matters of life we all face daily.

Group Details

Approximate Class Size: 20

Meets at 11:00 a.m. in Room D208



Fighting Battles God's Way

Join Life Matters for an exciting study of God’s Word on some of the most famous battles from the Old Testament. We will work together to unpack how God showed His power, love and mercy during each battle and how we can rely on that same strength for the battles we face in our own lives. We fight battles everyday but how do we fight them well and greater still, what can God teach us in them? God wants to show us how His power is sufficient to bring victory in ways we can never ask or imagine!


Life Matters will not meet on the following Sundays this summer: 

  • June 16 - Father's Day
  • June 30 and July 7 -- Fourth of July Week
  • August 4 and 11

Category: Adults
Community: Traditional, Harvest, Chapel

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