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Survivors of Suicide

A small group sponsored by the United Way Agency for those who have lost someone to suicide.

Group Details

First and Third Tuesday of each month | 7:00pm in Allen Parlor (Bridesroom)

For many survivors of suicide loss, the journey of healing can be lonely, painful, and confusing. The survivors of "Suicide Loss Support Group" help survivors feel less isolated and alone. We provide reassurance that healing is possible, by introducing newer survivors to others who may be further along. We offer validation that grieving is expected and acceptable. We provide an opportunity for survivors to talk openly with others who truly understand because they’ve been through it as well. We create a chance for survivors to learn from each other.

"We encourage survivors to gather, to remember, to speak aloud the precious names of those lost to suicide."

For information, contact Lynda at 281.796.0162

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