Walk to Emmaus


The Walk to Emmaus is a 72-hour experience that takes a New Testament look at Christianity as a lifestyle. It is a spiritual walk, not a physical walk, designed to strengthen and renew your faith and the local church. The Woodlands UMC is part of the Houston North Emmaus Community. The retreat is held at Kaiserhoff Retreat Center not too far from The Woodlands.

For three days you’ll live and study together with others on the Walk, singing, praying, worshipping and discussing how to grow in faith. You’ll discover grace is real in your life, learn how you can experience grace by bringing it to others and feel God’s grace personally through prayers and acts of service.


The Walk to Emmaus is for Christian disciples who wish to strengthen their spiritual lives. While you may understand that being a Christian involves responsibility, you may have unanswered questions about prayer, study and sharing your faith. No matter where you are in your relationship with Christ, the Walk to Emmaus is a safe retreat where you will find a community of friends seeking a deeper understanding of their faith.


Those interested in going on a Walk must be sponsored by someone who has attended The Walk to Emmaus. An application must be completed and signed by a pastor.

The fee to attend is $180. Scholarships are available based upon need.

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  • 2019 WALK DATES

    • Men’s Walk #105 | September 19 - 22
    • Women’s Walk #106 | September 26 - 29

    2020 WALK DATES

    • Men’s Walk #107 | March 19 - 22
    • Women’s Walk #108 | March 26 - 29
    • Women’s Walk #109 | July 23 - 26
    • Men’s Walk #110 | September 24 - 27
    • Women’s Walk #111 | October 1 - 4

    Emmaus Informational Lunch

    Sunday, August 18 | 12:00 p.m. | Jones Library

    Come find out more about The Walk to Emmaus at this lunch. A light lunch will be provided.

    Register for Informational Lunch

    Children welcome. For more information, contact LeRoy Fronk at llfronk@gmail.com

    Emmaus Reunion Group

    After you have gone on The Walk to Emmaus, you can continue your journey by joining with other Fourth Day members in a Reunion Group. To find a reunion group that is part of The Woodlands UMC Fourth Day Community, please contact Charleen Allen at charleen.allen@comcast.net

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