Ladies’ Wednesday Night Bible Study

Ladies Wednesday Night Bible Study artwork

6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Wesley Hall

Ladies’ Wednesday Night Bible Study is devoted to loving and following Jesus Christ through the teaching and application of God's infallible Word, worship and praise, prayer, fellowship, and mission outreach, both locally and internationally. We are women of all ages seeking more of Christ.

Summer 2014

Beth Moore’s Children of the Day

June 18 – August 13

For this summer study of Beth Moore’s newest release, Children of the Day, you may choose to participate in either the DVD lecture and homework/small group, or the DVD lecture only.

Your circumstances and conditions are not coincidental in your journey. God's timing is impeccable. Join Beth Moore on the Thessalonian shores as you face the realities of living your life this side of heaven. We'll sit a while and let the tide come in and wash our eyes with fresh vision for eight beautiful weeks. Come, gather around the letters postmarked “Thessalonica.” Press in tightly, professing Christ, yes, in the company of others but also intimately by your name, circumstance and condition. You have a place here, a purpose, and not one floating like a fleck in the air loosed and free from your raw realities. This is your journey to the shores of Thessalonica where you'll write your name and a slice of your biography in the sand.

For more information, contact Donna Roberts.

For child care, contact Michelle DeCantillon.

Fall 2014

Beth Moore's To Live Is Christ

September 10 – November 19

Our fall Bible study includes small group time for prayers and the sharing of weekly lessons from the member book. This is followed by large group praise and a DVD lecture for an in-depth women’s Bible study.

In Beth Moore's To Live is Christ: The Life and Ministry of Paul, we’ll journey into the life and heart of Paul, the “Apostle to the Gentiles”. More than any other person, Paul provides us an example of sold-out servanthood. He understood and demonstrated what it means to die daily, crucified with Jesus Christ. As a result, Paul shows us how to live life fully as a bond servant to Christ.

As we join Beth Moore in her study from the Book of Acts and the Letters of Paul, we will come to know the characters personally. Most of all, we will feel the challenge to follow Paul’s example just as he followed the example of Christ. We’ll get to know Paul in a new way and discover him to be a man who served faithfully and loved heartily in forming many close friendships with both men and women. This study will challenge and encourage you with a new appreciation of unflagging faith and undying devotion to servanthood.

Registration opens Friday, August 1.