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Single Women's Fellowship

Sunday at 11:00 AM

Seasonal short-term studies for single adults who want to deepen their relationship with Christ and meet new friends.

Group Details

Are you single? Want to deepen your relationship with Christ? Meet new friends? If so, join us for short-term studies that typically last 6-8 weeks. We usually read a book together and watch the study DVD and have a fruitful discussion time on Sunday mornings.

Summer 2019

A Way Through the Wilderness by Rob Renfroe

In this six-week study, Rob Renfroe explores the wilderness experience - what it is, how we get there, why God allows it, and how we can get through it God's way so that we learn the lessons he has for us, lessons that can be learned only in the desolate seasons of life when we are totally dependent on God. You'll discover how the wilderness can become a spiritual training ground God uses to deepen your trust in Him, remake your character into the image of his Son, and prepare you to bring hope, healing, and life to others who are hurting. 

June 23 - Week One: No Way Around the Wilderness
June 30 - Week Two: Entering the Wilderness
July 7 - Week Three: Walking with Others in the Wilderness
July 14 - Week Four: Walking with God in the Wilderness
July 21 - Week Five: Avoiding Wrong Turns in the Wilderness
July 28 - Week Six: Coming Out of the Wilderness

On Saturday, August 3, we will wrap up our study by attending Loft Worship at 6:00p.m., and will meet with Rob Renfroe afterwards for book discussion and questions!

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